52 percent of Britons support Brexit deal referendum

Added On August 23, 2019

"I think a referendum on a deal over Brexit would be a good idea... At the moment, Parliament is leaning towards a ‘No Deal’, and that’s obviously very dangerous for a lot of small businesses particularly in the UK as we don’t know what we’re getting ourselves into. I think a deal would be a good idea."
According to the new poll, most people in Britain would prefer to remain in the EU. One in three respondents said they don't want to leave the economic bloc.
"They need to stay in, simply because if they’re out of Europe, they’re nobody. Together they have more strength, they can have more say in (the EU),  world affairs as well. So they need to be in."
"(If Brexit happens) We’ll be in trouble for drugs, food, clothes... Jobs will plummet. People will lose their jobs... I can’t think of anything good."
 Prime Minister Boris Johnson told German Chancellor Angela Merkel this week that  "progress can be made very quickly" on a new Brexit Deal once the Irish backstop proposal is dropped, adding that he won't allow the UK to become "trapped in the legal order of the EU without having any say".
Johnson has repeatedly promised to deliver Brexit by October 31st and emphasized that the UK should prepare for a "No Deal" Brexit if an agreement with the EU cannot be reached.
23% of poll respondents said a "No Deal" Brexit is, in fact, the best path forward. Around the same number of people say they would prefer signing a Brexit deal or at least remaining in the EU's Single Market.
 Magnus Nielsen Tour Guide, 69:
"I’m in favour of leaving the European Union on a matter of principle. I think the European Union is a very bad idea for Britain and also for its member nations. The reason is, the European Union is not sufficiently democratically organised... I think also if Britain does come out - and I think we will come out - I think the European Union is going to collapse because... we pay more money into Europe than we actually take from Europe. Then other nations in Europe will want to start coming out and then I think the whole thing will start to unwind."
Around 36% of poll respondents said they would support "Remain" if a new referendum were held today. 35% said they would vote "Leave" .
One in ten respondents acknowledged that they simply "don’t know" with the rest choosing to keep their opinions to themselves.