Kuwaiti experts hail BRI for deepening China-Arab cooperation

Added On September 7, 2019

The fourth China-Arab States Expo opened Thursday in Yinchuan, capital city of northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
Kuwaiti experts have hailed the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) for deepening China-Arab cooperation that brings about mutual benefits.
Economy Report has the details.
The ongoing China-Arab States Expo focuses on promoting economic, trade, science and technology cooperation between China and Arab states.
Hajjaj Bukhudoor, a Kuwaiti economist, said that The Chinese and Arab nations were connected by the ancient Silk Road on land and sea for centuries. Peace, cooperation, tolerance, business, and more values still exist between the two sides.
The Kuwaiti economist believed that The long history of China-Arab cooperation and the roots of their deep friendship and civilizational exchanges have paved the way for boosting future China-Arab cooperation and will turn Arab countries into China's perfect partners.
---HAJJAJ BUKHUDOOR, Kuwaiti Economist
Maytham Al-Shakhs, director general of Athra Real Estate Company of Kuwait, said that there are studies indicating that the best model of development for the Arab world is enhancing cooperation with China. Chinese economic policies and Arab states' capabilities and geographical location provide the best formula for their cooperation in various fields, including energy, nanotechnology, communication, banking and logistics services.
He said that Many countries are eager to become an active participant in the BRI which they believe will bring about great economic benefits as a new resource for financial flow to their budgets.
---MAYTHAM AL-SHAKHS, Director General of Athra Real Estate Company of Kuwait
Jassim Al-Sadoun, president of Alshall Investment Holding Group Company, said that China's economic success is due to its adherence to its long-term strategy, which has made it "a great and successful example in the economic field. China is a role model, and Arabs can benefit from this miraculous experience, which should be studied for the mutual benefits for China and the Arab world. 
He said that The BRI is a great global development strategy, their experience will help us increase market value of the goods and services. The China-Arab States Expo is part of the grand plan and a way for the Arabs to learn China's strategy.
--JASSIM AL-SADOUN, President of Alshall Investment Holding Group Company