2019 IFA opens in Berlin

Added On September 8, 2019

 The Internationale Funkaustellung Berlin (IFA), an international consumer electronics fair, has opened in Berlin, with the latest products and innovations from the leading global brands.

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IFA, Europe's biggest consumer electronics show, opened in Berlin on Friday.
According to the IFA executive director, this year's IFA will accommodate about 2,000 exhibitors on an area of around 164,000 square meters.
Some of the major trends that will be seen at the IFA include new, high-definition televisions and wireless sound boxes that can be networked with each other.
Smart home technologies are also expected to feature prominently at the IFA in Berlin, covering networked devices from light bulbs, to washing machines and loudspeakers.
According to German Federal Statistical Office, 6 million of the approximately 65 million internet users in Germany used smart home technology in the first quarter of 2019 -- that's about 9 percent of Internet users in Germany.
The first version of the IFA took place in Berlin in December 1924, with 242 exhibitors presenting their newest radio engineering developments.
Since then, the IFA fair has come a long way.
And just last year, it attracted over 244,000 visitors and some 1,800 exhibitors.