China-Maldives friendship bridge revitalizes locals' life

Added On September 9, 2019

The China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, the first cross-sea bridge in the Maldives built by a Chinese company, was inaugurated on Aug. 30 last year. 
One year on, let's check out how the bridge changed the life of the locals. 
On the first anniversary of the bridge's inauguration, the Maldivians sang and danced on the bridge as it opened a new chapter of their life. 
For years, Maldivians have relied on ferries as their means of transport between the atolls in the Indian Ocean.
The 2-km bridge linking the Maldivian capital of Male with the neighboring island Hulhumale has cut travel time between the two islands down to just five minutes.
The Chinese-built bridge has not only made life much more convenient for Maldivians, but also offers new businesses and jobs for many residents living in Hulhumale.
Auto repair shop owner Hassan Hakeem said thanks to the bridge, the automobile industry chain in Hulhumale has prospered. 
The bridge has also made the cross-island takeaway service a standard service model for many of the food and beverage outlets on the island.