Amazon countries sign pact to protect rainforest

Added On September 9, 2019

Leaders and representatives of Amazon countries have signed a pact to protect the the world's largest tropical rainforest.
The "Leticia Amazon Pact" came as raging fires have burned thousands of hectares of the Amazon rainforest.
The presidents of Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, as well as Suriname's vice president and Guyana's natural resource minister on Friday attended the summit during which the pact was signed.
At the opening of the summit, Colombian President Ivan Duque made an appeal to protect the rainforest.
SOUNDBITE (Spanish): IVAN DUQUE, President of Colombia
"Here, we are signing a pact, the Leticia Pact, a pact where we coordinate, where we work harmoniously for common purposes, a pact that obliges us, that commits us and motivates us to protect our Amazon, to do works of prevention, of mitigation, of care when we have risks, when there are also forest fires, but additionally we are coordinating to face many of the causes of deforestation."
SOUNDBITE (Spanish): MARTIN VIZCARRA, President of Peru
"With this pact and this commitment, we have to boost concrete actions because goodwill alone is not enough. We require action for the good of the Amazon and for the good of the planet."
The signatory countries announced that they will look for strategies and act to battle logging and forest fires, which are contaminating the "lungs of the world."
The Amazon has more than 50 percent of the tropical forests in the world.