Yemeni women in dire need of more funding

Added On September 10, 2019

 The humanitarian crisis in Yemen. More than one million women are facing life-threatening risks because the U.N. is running out of aid funding.

The Sabaeen Maternity and Childhood Hospital is one of the largest hospitals for female patients in Yemen.
Its rooms and halls are usually filled with patients. But now the hospital is struggling to provide treatment for them.
Every two hours, a Yemeni woman dies from complications of pregnancy and childbirth according to U.N. estimates.
That situation might get even worse. Because more than half of the reproductive facilities in the country are about to be closed by the end of this month.
SOUNDBITE(ARABIAN) DR. MAGDA KHATIB, Director of the Sabeen Hospital
"The withdrawal of the UNFPA's support would negatively affect many Yemeni hospitals, especially the Sabeen Hospital. Eventually we would reach a point when we are no longer able to offer any necessary treatment for pregnant women, and cases like emergency births and cesarean sections may lead to an increase in the death toll. Eventually there could be a death of a mother every hour."
Yemen has suffered from a civil war between the government forces and Houthi rebels since late 2014.
Resulting in one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.