Mongolian ports to undergo renovation with Chinese aid

Added On September 14, 2019

 A groundbreaking ceremony for the renovation of two Mongolian land ports was held on Thursday in Zamiin-Uud, a border soum in the southeastern Mongolian province of Dornogovi.

Song Xuejun, commercial counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia, said the China-aided project to renovate Zamiin-Uud and Gashuunsukhait ports will lay a solid foundation for the trade volume between the two countries to exceed 10 billion U.S. dollars.
The commercial counsellor also expressed the hope that the project will become a good example of friendship between the two peoples.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): SONG XUEJUN, Commercial Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Mongolia
"Facilitating trade is an important part of the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative. Enhancing port construction and customs clearance capability is of great significance to improve trade and investment facilitation and strengthen regional economic competitiveness."
At the same time, Sanjaa Narantsogt, state secretary of the Mongolian Ministry of Finance, said the Zamiin-Uud port is considered integral to the country's development, and that the revamps will help streamline customs clearance procedures and provide more comfortable service.  
The official also stressed that the project will play an important role in Mongolia's foreign trade, economic and regional development, prevent illegal and unqualified goods from transiting, and protect people's rights.
The Zamiin-Uud port, one of the largest ports in Mongolia, accounts for 40 percent of passengers and 76 percent of passenger vehicles passing through customs.
Under the project, all infrastructure facilities of the two ports will be renovated with the non-refundable Chinese aid.