Brooklyn nets celebrates mid-autumn festival

Added On September 14, 2019

Wednesday's reception was also a send-off party for the team's upcoming tour to China. 

Huang Ping, the Chinese Consul General in New York explained to his American guests the Chinese tradition of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival by looking at the full moon and eating mooncakes.
SOUNDBITE(English) HUANG PING, Chinese Consul General in New York
"When I see you guys are going there, I know people's exchange would continue and people would have the final say of diplomacy. So once we keep people-to-people exchange moving, this relationship has got to be strong. Thank you for building up this bridge."
SOUNDBITE(English) SPENCER DINWIDDIE, Brooklyn Nets player
"I mean sports is universal so I think it's one of those things that connect people much like music. It's something regardless of borders or regardless of our nationalities. It's something that brings us together."
Huang also wished the team good luck in their upcoming NBA preseason games against the Los Angeles Lakers. 
The game will be staged in China's Shanghai and Shenzhen in October.