First frost in N China

Added On September 15, 2019

 Affected by cold air, the temperature of Mohe City, in the northernmost part of China, has dropped below the freezing point.

The green leaves and flowers are covered with frost.
Lifestyles takes you there.
On the street, people wear winter clothes such as down jackets and cotton trousers.
Many farmers have covered their vegetable fields with blankets and quilts.
The Meteorological Department of Mohe said that the time of the first frost this year is basically the same as last year.
With the arrival of the first frost, the colorful mountain landscape in Mohe forest is attracting visitors from around the country.
SOUNDBITE (Chinese): PU YUEYUE, Tourist from Anhui Province
"We are excited to see that, because in south China, the autumn starts late probably in October. It feels very good here. We are here to find and enjoy the autumn of the Da Hinggan Mountains."