Data: China remains strong magnet for foreign investment

Added On September 15, 2019

 China's latest foreign direct investment (FDI) data have testified the country's stronger appeal to foreign investors who have shown widespread optimism in a fast-growing market.

Economy Report has the details.
Data from the Ministry of Commerce showed that in the January-August period, China's FDI expanded 6.9 percent year on year to about 85 billion U.S. dollars, and FDI inflow grew 3.2 percent to around 89 billion dollars.
These gains were hard-earned given the global FDI flows had declined for three consecutive years.
The global circumstances did not dampen foreign investors' enthusiasm in increasing investment in China. Over 27,700 new foreign-funded enterprises were established in the first eight months of this year.
Experts said China's huge consumer market has been a major attraction to international enterprises. Also, China's continuous efforts in opening up and reducing restrictions and limits on foreign investments have also helped attract investors.
FDI from the countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative still maintained steady growth.