Top Chinese artworks on show at Australia art fair

Added On September 15, 2019

Curtain up for Australia's largest international art fair!

Some top works by Chinese artists have tickled visitors' fancies with their audacious styles and unique perspectives.

Lifestyles takes you there.  

The Sydney Contemporary Art Fair opened to the public on Thursday, gathering together over 450 new artworks from leading contemporary artists from across the globe.

Contemporary Chinese art gallery Vermillion has also put new works by top Chinese artists on display.

The director of the gallery  said they want to showcase the artistic differences from Chinese artists.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) ZUO YEQIN, Vermillion Gallery Director

"We're certainly showing something very different from the rest of the fair. We want to show the best Chinese art by the best Chinese artists."

Among the much-anticipated Chinese artists, Movana Chen, a Hong Kong-based artist, has drawn much attention at the fair.

Chen creates elaborate, wearable artworks by knitting together shredded pieces of books, magazines and maps which she collected.

While dressing herself up as a living artwork, Chen said that what she likes most is the people she met along the way.


"Since my project started in 2003, I've met different culture, different people and in a journey, like everyone, you collect and give, from person who you meet in your journey."

The Sydney Contemporary Art Fair will run through September 15.