Experts on human rights protection and fighting extermism in Xinjiang

Added On September 19, 2019

During a side meeting of the 42nd session of the UN Human Rights Council, Chinese experts and scholars have shared their views about the human rights development in Northwest China's Xinjiang.
Let's take a look. 
The meeting was held on Monday by the China Society for Human Rights Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. And it was based on human rights protection and the fight against extremism in Xinjiang.
Wu Leifen, deputy secretary general of the China Society for Human Rights Studies, chaired the meeting. She told the audience that Xinjiang was once deeply threatened by religious extremism, violent terrorism and ethnic separatist activities, especially the spread of religious extremism, which led to the violation of the basic human rights of local people, as well as various violent terrorist activities.
According to Wu, in order to tackle these problems, Xinjiang has adopted a series of measures in recent years and achieved good results. The security situation there has fundamentally improved, the number of terrorist attacks has been greatly reduced, and the basic human rights of the people have been effectively safeguarded. 
Wuji, president of Xinjiang Uygur Medical College, said due to the interference of religious extremism, for a long time it had been difficult for the medical knowledge to reach as many people as they should.
In some places, those with extremist beliefs even refused to take any medical treatment, and in many cases their lives were put into great danger.
Wuji noted that in recent years, the government has vigorously carried out a series of efforts to fight against extremism, achieving remarkable results and winning the heartfelt support of the people. 
Chang Jian, director of the Center for Human Rights Studies at Nankai University, said since December 2016, Xinjiang has seen no terrorism attacks for 32 consecutive months. And in 2018, the number of tourists to Xinjiang exceeded 150 million. 
Chang said, quote, "China's active exploration and achievements in counter-terrorism and de-extremism have provided valuable practice and contribution to the international community."