Israeli elections end without clear winner

Added On September 19, 2019


Israel's second parliamentary elections ended on Tuesday.

Exit poll results showed the Blue and White party in a slim majority over Likud, winning about 33 seats against Likud's 32 seats.


The exit polls showed a virtual tie between the Likud party, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Blue and White party, led by former army chief Benny Gantz. 

It seemed that both parties would fail to garner enough seats with their allies to gain a majority in the 120-seat parliament to form a government.

The results suggested that both parties would need the support of Avigdor Lieberman, leader of the Israel Our Home party, to form a ruling coalition.

Lieberman, the kingmaker in Israeli elections, called for forming a unity government that will include his own party and Israel's two largest parties, the rightwing Likud party and the centrist Blue and White party.

The negotiations on forming a coalition government will be very complicated as the three political blocs in Israel are uncompromising on certain issues.

The unprecedented elections were called by Netanyahu after he failed to form a ruling coalition following the April ballot.