Chinese artist promotes traditional opera in Egypt

Added On September 21, 2019

A Chinese renowned opera artist has held a lecture in Cairo to promote Henan Yu Opera as part of cultural exchange between the two countries.
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Wang Quanzhen, head of Henan Opera House, charmed the Egyptian audience on Wednesday at the Chinese Cultural Center in Cairo with her pure voice and vivid performance of two opera songs at the beginning of her lecture. 
The lecture, dubbed "the Beauty of Chinese Yu Opera," aimed to introduce Yu Opera that was originated in China's central provine of Henan a couple of centuries ago.
Wang said that Yu Opera is one of the five major forms of opera in China, noting that it was originated as local popular songs that developed in time, with some local music instruments and popular tunes until it reached its present shape.
She explained that Yu Opera, which is also known as Henan Opera, depends on loud voice and live expressions that combine harmony and consistency between movement and voice.
The Chinese artist will stay in Egypt for seven days, during which she will provide training sessions for Egyptian trainees.