Mongolians reap benefits from BRI humanitarian projects

Added On September 21, 2019

The general director of the Mongolian Red Cross Society (MRCS) has said that Mongolians have been reaping tangible benefits from humanitarian activities under the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
MRCS General Director Nordov Bolormaa made the remarks in an interview with CNC on Thursday.
SOUNDBITE: NORDOV BOLORMAA, Secretary General of the MRCS    
"Humanitarian activities play a crucial role in strengthening cooperation between countries and friendship between their peoples. The MRCS has been conducting active cooperation with the Red Cross Society of China, especially with the Red Cross Society of China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
We are very happy that many Mongolian citizens have been benefiting from humanitarian projects under the BRI." 
She said a total of 98 Mongolian children with congenital heart disease have received free surgeries in China under a BRI humanitarian aid program launched in 2017.
According to the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the heart surgeries were among multiple humanitarian aid programs conducted by the MRCS, the RCSC, and the latter's Inner Mongolian branch.
In addition, over 300 Mongolian seniors have received free cataract surgeries under a project called "The Belt and Road-Brightness Trip" since June, 
The plan aims to provide at least 1,000 free cataract surgeries within five years.
The director said that the MRCS will further contribute the development of bilateral relations between Mongolia and China by more actively cooperating with the RCSC in disaster relief, first aid, prevention of traffic accidents and disaster risk reduction.