Expert: China's development benefits Europe

Added On October 7, 2019

As this year marks China's 70th founding anniversary, two experts from Brussels-based think tanks reflected on how China's development has benefitted Europe and praised China's anti-poverty efforts.
SOUNDBITE 1 (English): SHADA ISLAM, Policy director, Friends of Europe
"We have seen China grow in a very impressive fashion in the last 70 years, especially in the last 30 years from being a poor, underdeveloped country to one of the world's great powers today, so that is extremely impressive. For the European Union, it is about 1.5 billion euro worth of trade every day with China so it is extremely important and our prosperity in Europe depends on China's prosperity."
SOUNDBITE 2 (English): GUSTAAF GEERAERTS, Founding Director, Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies
"Obviously, it is a very important event for China, 70 years of development I would say. And it is remarkable. What China managed to achieve in this period to move in fact from what was a backward society to the second most important economy in the world. It is also remarkable. What China has done for its population to lift up more than 750 million people out of poverty, these are really very impressive achievements."