3 scientists share 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Added On October 9, 2019

 The 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been jointly awarded to three scientists for their research on how cells sense and adapt to different oxygen levels.

The Nobel prize was awarded jointly to William Kaelin Jr, Sir Peter Ratcliffe and Gregg Semenza.
All three laureates' have helped identify molecular machinery that regulates the activity of genes in response to different oxygen levels.
Understanding how cells sense and adjust to oxygen is central to treating a large number of diseases.
According to the Nobel Committee, the scientists' discoveries have paved the way for new strategies to fight anemia, cancer and many other diseases.
Kaelin, born in New York, conducts research at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Semenza, also from New York, is the Director of the Vascular Research Program at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Cell Engineering. Ratcliffe is the Director of Clinical Research at London's Francis Crick Institute, the director of Oxford's Target Discovery Institute, and a member of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research.
This year's about one-million-U.S. dollar prize will be equally shared among the three laureates.