Night-time Peking opera show in Tianjin

Added On October 9, 2019

 A night-time Peking Opera performance has attracted a huge crowd of people in north China's Tianjin. 

Lifestyles takes you there. 
The night-time Peking opera performance was staged inside a colorfully lit opera tower on Tianjin Ancient Culture Street on Monday. 
The artists performed traditional Peking Opera shows like Empty City, Farewell My Concubine and Ode to Pear Flowers. 
The performances were well received by a large crowd that often filled the theater with cheers and applause.
SOUNDBITE (Chinese): YAN WENQIAN, Actress of Tianjin Peking Opera Theatre
"Actors and actresses of Tianjin Peking Opera Theatre have performed many classic pieces here. We hope that people can learn more about Peking Opera and its charm."