US scholar calls for better understanding of BRI

Added On October 12, 2019

 A U.S. scholar has said the founding and the implementation of the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, or BRI, are "one of the highly influential events in recent history", and the West needs to have a good grasp of it.

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SOUNDBITE(English): SARWAR KASHMERI, Norwich University
"It's a remarkable project for all the countries and all the connectivity that comes with it."
Since the Belt and Road Initiative was put forward in 2013, more than 160 countries and international organizations have signed cooperation agreements with China.
Professor Kashmeri believes the reason that the BRI has succeeded in attracting so many countries lies in "China economic miracle".
SOUNDBITE(English): SARWAR KASHMERI, Norwich University
"I think the countries are attracted to it because they really do believe that they will get rich as China gets rich and their friendship of China will develop, the standard of living will develop."
He also believes that it's right for underdeveloped countries to build more infrastructure via the initiative. 
SOUNDBITE(English): SARWAR KASHMERI, Norwich University
"Because infrastructure leads to development, leads to standard of living. These are landlocked countries. They don't have access to most of them to deep water ports. China has the technology for high speed rail, for making ports more efficient."