1,000-Year-old craft preserved in Xinjiang

Added On October 14, 2019

 People in Xinjiang have used traditional wooden stampers to print patterns on fabric for centuries. Locals are working to preserve the craft as modern textile products flood the market. 

Lifestyles has the story. 
58-year-old Urziashim Usur stamps cloth for a living. 
The traditional craft has been practiced for over 1,000 years and is recognized as Chinese intangible cultural heritage.  
He and his family use various plants like pomegranates and lotus flowers in their dyes to prevent patterns from fading.
In order to keep the centuries-old tradition just as vibrant, Usur has collected more than 200 centuries-old stampers from around Xinjiang.
He says young people often don't understand the value of his craft. Some even consider it outdated. 
To help Usur preserve and promote Xinjiang's stamped cloth industry, members of his family have started learning the trade.
Xinjiang traditional stamped cloth was recognized as national intangible culture heritage in 2006. Usur officially became an "inheritor" of the craft in 2018.