"China Night" concert debuts in US

Added On October 15, 2019

 A special one-night-only concert celebrating Chinese culture has been held in Philadelphia, the United States, over the weekend.

Lifestyles takes you there.
The Philadelphia Orchestra, led by Chinese composer and conductor Tan Dun, performed the special one-night-only show on Saturday. The concert, called China Night, featured several works by renowned Chinese musicians.
SOUNDBITE(English) TAN DUN, Chinese composer and conductor
"So sound, music are always a great platform to build the bridge between people. The music bridge (should )always be there. That's important because that's the guarantee we can make sure that people's hearts still can talk to each other. So tonight it's very very optimistic. It's the right moment to celebrate Chinese music and American music together."
China Night is part of an international cooperation project between the China Philharmonic Orchestra and six orchestras around the world that celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The Philadelphia Orchestra was chosen to represent the world tour in North America.
SOUNDBITE(English) MATIAS TARNOPOLSKY, President and CEO, The Philadelphia Orchestra
"Cultural exchange, the connecting of music and people everywhere is a priority of the orchestra. You know very well that China has been such an important part of our history for almost 50 years and we love the connecting of our people and cultures through the music of the Philadelphia orchestra and the music of our colleagues in China. Also on this evening represents that."
Founded in 1900, The Philadelphia Orchestra made a historic visit to China in 1973, becoming the first U.S. orchestra to perform in China.
The concert has attracted more than 2,000 audiences.