Finland Chinese food night

Added On October 17, 2019

Over 30 top chefs from China and Finland have taken part in an international culinary event called "Finland Chinese Food Night" in Finland's capital Helsinki.
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The Finland Chinese Food Night event presented a great feast that highlighted the profound and unique food cultures of China and Finland.
The Chinese Ambassador to Finland said the event was a vivid example of how cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and Finland are flourishing.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): CHEN LI, Chinese Ambassador to Finland
"We hope such exchanges will strengthen the mutual understanding and friendship between our two peoples, and will play an increasingly important role in consolidating the basis of China-Finland relations."
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): JAANA HUSU-KALLIO, Ministry of Forestry & Agriculture of Finland
"And I think the main thing of this evening is to respect once again each other, to respect what both countries have linked to the food production and history of food culture."
Chinese Culinary Master and chief chef for the Chinese delegation said the event was about cooperation and that his team has learned a lot from their Finnish counterparts. 
SOUNDBITE 1(CHINESE): LIU QIANG, Chief Chef of Chinese Delegation
"We are organizing a meaningful event, which will enhance the friendship between the two nations. Meanwhile, I hope it will help make Chinese food more international."
The "Finland Chinese Food Night" event is part of Chinese Catering Delegation into Nordic Countries activities initiated by the China Cuisine Association.
After Finland, the delegation will travel to Sweden, Norway and Denmark.