China's first China-made polar icebreaker starts maiden voyage

Added On October 17, 2019

China's first domestically-made polar icebreaker Xuelong 2, or Snow Dragon 2, has set off on its maiden voyage for the country's 36th Antarctic expedition from south China's Shenzhen.
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Icebreaker Xuelong will also join the expedition, making it the first time that two polar icebreakers work together on China's Antarctic expedition.
Xuelong 2 will sail to the Zhongshan Station, before conducting research in the Cosmonauts Sea and China's Great Wall Station. It is expected to return in late March 2020.
Xuelong will set sail from Shanghai on October 22nd to go to the Zhongshan Station, and then conduct a series of surveys and engineering projects in the Ross Sea and Amundsen Sea. It is expected to return to Shanghai port in mid-April 2020.