Huawei gears up for next stage of 5G development

Added On October 18, 2019

Chinese telecom giant Huawei has stressed the importance of collaboration to properly address challenges linked to the large-scale commercial development of 5G networks.

Economy Report has the details.
At Huawei's 10th annual Mobile Broadband Forum held in Zurich, Switzerland, Deputy Chairman Ken Hu underlined the importance of favorable policies and cross-sector collaboration in speeding up the next stage of 5G development. 
According to Hu, the real challenges come from spectrum, site resources and cross-sector collaboration.
Hu said the cost and availability of spectrum represents one of the most significant barriers that carriers face today. He urged governments to provide more spectrum resources to carriers and to consider more flexible pricing models. 
Citing the high cost and insufficient availability of site resources, Hu called on regulators to open up more public infrastructure for sharing and to provide greater guidance for on-site construction. 
Hu also called for industries to expand cross-sector cooperation and innovation to better address 5G challenges. 
According to Huawei, carriers have already launched 40 commercial 5G networks in more than 20 markets. 
It's expected that over 60 commercial 5G networks will be launched by the year-end.