Kenyan coffee growers prepare for 2nd CIIE

Added On November 2, 2019

Kenyan coffee growers are preparing to tap into China's huge consumer market during next week's second China International Import Expo.
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70 percent of Kenyan coffee is grown by small scale farmers. The cash crop is a major source of rural income.
Samuel Park, the Managing director for GoldRock Masai coffee, has been exporting Kenyan coffee for 30 years. His business helps support a large number of local farmers.
"Kenyan coffee is scoring quite high from special to specialty coffee every year, it is a really special flavour like wine, fruity and flowery. If you compare to any other coffee, I'm sure you will like it. And as you become a mania of coffee you fall in love with Kenyan coffee. It's really nice."
Kenya has favorable weather for growing high quality coffee. GoldRock International runs three farms in different parts of the country.
Kenyan coffee farmers are eager to increase their exports to China. Most Chinese coffee drinkers drink instant coffee, but recently more and more Chinese consumers are shifting to freshly brewed.
Companies like Gree Chain help Kenyans sell their agricultural products to large Asian markets.
Gree Chain employee, Fan Jun, works for the company in Kenya. Fan says Gree Chain will exhibit Kenyan coffee at the second CIIE and that he is confident that Chinese customers will like it.
SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) FAN JUN,? Africa Regional Manager of Gree Chain
"For Kenya coffee, the main coffee is Arabica beans. Arabica beans are high quality good quality coffee and in China more and more people know Arabica beans and we know most of Arabica beans are from Kenya, so I can see in the future Kenya coffee will have good market in China."
The Kenyan directorate responsible for planting, producing, milling and marketing Kenyan coffee expects coffee exports to China will increase in the near future.