Observation center in China's Qinghai

Added On November 4, 2019

Thanks to a new video observation system in China's southwestern Qinghai province, scientists can observe points thousands of miles away in real time.
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The new system, named "the window of ecology," includes 36 observing stations across Qinghai province.
"The platform provides technical support for environmental protection. Monitoring data and remote imaging data will be analyzed and processed with big data to better serve environmental management in the future."
The new system includes all of Qinghai's key ecological areas. Efforts to unify monitoring indicators and methods and data exchanges have also helped boost cooperation among Qinghai's different environmental departments.
A local scientist says the system's 36 stations are just part of a 70-station plan, which aims to better monitor Qinghai's wildlife and ecological environment.

The observing center opens to the public on the 22nd of each month. It has become an important educational site for people interested in learning more about ecology and environment protection.