China's Commerce Ministry: China-EU agreement on GI a milestone

Added On November 9, 2019

 China's Ministry of Commerce has said that the bilateral agreement between China and the European Union on geographical indications is of milestone significance in deepening China-EU economic and trade cooperation.

Ministry of Commerce spokesperson Gao feng made the remarks on Thursday.
Gao said, the deal marked the first comprehensive and high-level bilateral agreement on geographical indications,or GI protection signed by China.
GI is a sign used on products that has a specific geographical origin and possesses qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin.
The agreement is expected to prevent counterfeiting of GI and enable consumers on both sides to eat and use authentic high-quality products.
Gao said the GI agreement has provided a strong guarantee for relevant Chinese products to enter the EU market and enhance their brand awareness.
Meanwhile, as some Chinese GI products originate from underdeveloped areas, the agreement will help China's poverty alleviation in these areas.
According to Gao, China is willing to work with the EU to implement the GI agreement, promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation and enhance the well-being of the people on both sides.