Zambian firm: 2nd CIIE great opportunity

Added On November 9, 2019

African firms at the second China International Import Expo are using the event to break into global markets.
China Report has the story.
Zambia-based company Moringa Wonder Plus is pitching its high quality Moringa, or drumstick tree products to new buyers at the second China International Import Expo.
The managing director said the CIIE offers his company an opportunity to break into bigger markets.
(English)SOUNDBITE 1: ERNEST NYAMBE, Managing Director, Moringa Wonder Plus
“The China International Import expo is a very big opportunity to us and simply put what does it mean to us, it means we are now given an opportunity to take that big step to jump from where we at, cross boarders and beyond boarders we find ourselves interacting with the biggest market. I think for us that is the greatest opportunity that any other business may be looking for and the time is now.”
Nyambe noted that Zambia's guest country status at the expo has given his firm an added advantage.
(English)SOUNDBITE 2: ERNEST NYAMBE, Managing Director, Moringa Wonder Plus
“So we are so excited to part of the green red orange and black colors and that gives us an excitement and we have positioned ourselves pretty well in terms of preparing what we are able to offer in that expo. We will ensure that we capture all the opportunities that are going to coming with being a guest of honor country.”
The managing director says that China, with its nearly 1.4 billion consumers, is an incredible market and that his firm is ready to meet Chinese demand.
(English)SOUNDBITE 3: ERNEST NYAMBE, Managing Director, Moringa Wonder Plus
“And this is why we want to have this opportunity to meet the external market, the global market, the bigger market and also the sustainable markets that can pay for the price of the good work that we are putting in producing the organically grown products which is the talk of the globe right now, everybody wants safe foods, clean food and indeed healthy food.”