China helps train agricultural experts in Zambia

Added On November 25, 2019

China has started an overseas training program aimed at equipping Zambian agricultural experts with techniques on boosting agricultural production.
China Report has the details.
The training program has drawn participants from different parts of the country. 
Political counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Zambia said the favorable natural conditions for agriculture development in Zambia and China's cutting edge in capital, technology and experience makes it easy for the two countries to cooperate in the agriculture sector.
SOUDBITE 1 (ENGLISH) LAI BO, Chinese Embassy in Zambia
“I hope you will cherish this opportunity to learn Agricultural production skills diligently and apply your new Knowledge and technical knowhow to your local districts to improve overall capacity of the Agriculture practitioners after you complete this training.”
Deputy director in Zambia's Ministry of Agriculture said Zambia is grateful to China for its willingness to share the modern and workable agricultural technology by sponsoring the training program.
SOUDBITE 2 (ENGLISH) STANSLAUS CHISAKUTA, Zambian Ministry of Agriculture
"The Training is expected to play a pivotal role in the Zambian agricultural sector as it will mainly focus on Agricultural production."