Arabs expect China's larger role in Middle East

Added On November 27, 2019

A former Jordanian official says Arabs expect a larger role of China in the development of the region and in pushing for peace in the region.
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In a recent interview with CNC, Jawad Anani, Jordan's former deputy prime minister and minister of industry and trade, said the potential remains huge for increased cooperation between China and the Arab world. 
He noted that the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative is key to helping China-Arab ties return to their once glory. 
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): JAWAD ANANI, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan
"The silk road choose to come to the Arab world an Persia in old time is now being reincarnated as the belt and road project and we would like to be part of that Arab countries have also contributed to the Asia development bank which was a Chinese initiative." 
He stressed that Jordan is a good hub for Chinese companies to play a role in the process of reconstruction in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): JAWAD ANANI, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan 
"Jordan is a very good hub for the Chinese companies to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq, Syria and even Yemen and even Lebanon because infrastructure in Lebanon has not been improved in the last 20 years, so there is a lot of business here for Chinese companies and the Chinese companies can do reconstruction in a very competitive manner." 
On China's role in achieving peace in the region, he said that China has been taking a positive stance in the United Nations Security Council and it has always supported pro-Palestinian issues. 
He also stressed the need for increased cultural cooperation, adding that the Chinese and Arabs have a lot to do. 
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): JAWAD ANANI, Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade in Jordan
"Cultural relations also are very important in cementing economic relations so we like more Jordanians to learn Chinese and go to china and be familiar with its educational systems with its culture with its history because that creates bridges and opens many job opportunities."
Anani will attend the Middle East Security Forum held on Nov. 27-28th by the China Institute of International Studies in Beijing.