China-Malaysia Belt and Road Shaanxi Trade Expo

Added On November 27, 2019


Malaysian businesses and entrepreneurs got a taste of the various offerings at the 2019 China–Malaysia Belt and Road Shaanxi Trade Expo.

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The opening ceremony of China – Malaysia Belt and Road Shaanxi Trade Expo 2019 kicked off on Monday.

This expo looks to set up a platform for cooperation and exchange between Malaysia and China's Shaanxi Province, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs from both sides to work together.  

Participants will get to exchange valuable business contacts while displaying unique commodities from Shaanxi and Malaysia. This year's expo hosts 92 booths, covering a range of products from technology, electronics and food.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): MOHD MUSTAFA ABDUL AZIZ, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation

"While it is true that China offers a huge potential market for Malaysian goods and services, understanding where these opportunities lie and how to access them can be extremely challenging. Through the active initiatives taken by enterprises of both countries and the excellent G2G and B2B relationship between both countries, I believe that there are various platforms available to further enhance the excellent bilateral trade and investment relationship between Malaysia and China, such as MaPLE 2019."