Report: World may fail Paris Agreement goals

Added On November 28, 2019

A new report by the UN Environment Program warns that the world won't meet Paris Agreement temperature goals if annual emissions don't decline by 7.6 percent each year over the next decade. Lifestyles has the details. According to the UN report, temperatures are expected to rise by 3.2 degrees Celsius even if all current unconditional commitments under the Paris Agreement are implemented. The change in global temperatures could have wide-ranging and destructive repercussions. The report went on to explain that nations have to increase their efforts fivefold over current levels to reach the UN's 1.5 degrees Celsius goal. Signatories to the landmark climate accord pledged in 2015 to keep global warming "well below" two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The UN Environment Program says all nations, developing and developed, need to substantially increase their Nationally Determined Contributions to meet the Paris Agreement goals.