Palestinians light Christmas tree in Ramallah

Added On December 4, 2019

Now let's turn to the West Bank city of Ramallah, where thousands of Palestinians have gathered at Ramallah City Hall to witness the special moment of lighting a giant Christmas tree.
The flare of expectation and hope was in the eyes of thousands of people participating in the event.
When the giant Christmas tree was illuminated by large numbers of golden-red bulbs, people shouted with joy and set off fireworks to light up the night sky.
Traditional Christmas markets also added to the joy of the city, and the markets saw local vendors and craftsmen go out to peddle their works and goods.
For many local residents, the event gave them a rare chance to lighten up and shrug off their daily worries over the local political situation.
SOUNDBITE (Arabic): NADINE ARANKI, Local Resident
“Christmas is a national holiday. We like to celebrate it with our families, in spite of our difficult political situation and the internal problems in our society due to the occupation.”
Palestinians consider Christmas to be a national holiday because the birthplace of Jesus is believed to be the Palestinian city of Bethlehem.