Experts on Russia-China east-route natural gas pipeline

Added On December 12, 2019

The new Russia-China east-route natural gas pipeline marks a new chapter in China-Russia cooperation.

Russian experts say the project establishes an even greater degree of mutual support.
The pipeline began operating earlier this month. Many believe greater bilateral cooperation in the energy sector will significantly benefit both sides.
SOUNDBITE(RUSSIAN): ALEXEY BELOGORYEV, Russia's Institute for Energy and Finance Foundation 
"Previously Russia has never directly delivered gas to China via pipelines. The project gives Russia a new market and gives China new and alternative gas supplies. Russia is a kind of "energy home front" for the Chinese economy."
The project allows Russia to supply more natural gas to the world's most dynamically developing market and provides China access to stable Russian pipeline deliveries to meet growing domestic needs.
The pipeline is scheduled to provide China with 5 billion cubic meters of gas in 2020. That amount is expected to increase to 38 billion cubic meters in 2024 under a 30-year contract worth 400 billion U.S. dollars.
Experts expect greater cooperation with more political trust and economic links between the two partners in the future.
SOUNDBITE(RUSSIAN): ANDREY VINOGRADOV, Russia's Institute of Far Eastern Studies 
"Today China is the key strategic partner of our country. In many spheres, Russia holds the same interests as China. We need to strengthen cooperation in the world arena in every possible way, especially regarding issues, where we share the same positions. The current world situation makes us do that."