Beijing opera show marks 60 years of China-Cuba ties

Added On January 13, 2020

Now turning to Havana, where a Chinese opera group brought Beijing opera to the stage of the National Theater of Cuba. 

Co-hosted by Cuba's Ministry of Culture and the Chinese Embassy in Havana, the gala was among a series of events celebrating the six decades of the bilateral ties between China and Cuba.
Around 25 artists from northeast China's Jilin Province performed traditional Chinese dances and music over the weekend. 
Cuba's Minister of Culture said culture is the best ambassador for enhancing mutual understanding. 
SOUNDBITE (Spanish): ALPIDIO ALONSO, Cuba's Minister of Culture
"I believe that there is no better ambassador than culture to express friendship and mutual consideration between peoples, and I believe that this beautiful spectacle is a sample of that friendship between the two peoples and the two nations through 60 years of our relationship and support."