China's spring festival travel getting easier

Added On January 17, 2020

China's Spring Festival travel season kicked off on January 10 this year, much earlier than usual.

The country's transport system has taken a series of measures to handle over three billion trips during the biggest annual human migration in the world.
Take a look.
China's transport authorities have promised stronger capacity this Spring Festival after putting 15 new high-speed railway lines into operation last year.
The newly launched e-ticket system for high-speed rail travel saves passengers the trouble of waiting in line for tickets.
Instead of collecting tickets at the station, travellers can now pass ticket checks with just their ID cards.
According to the China Academy of Rail Sciences, China's new e-ticket system has cut check-in times by over 30 percent. 1,020 stations have already adopted the system.
Booking regular tickets has also become more customer-friendly. China's official online railway ticket-booking platform has increased its ticketing capacity, extended its daily work hours and introduced a waitlist function to improve booking efficiency.