Director of liaison office calls for cheerishing HK

Added On January 17, 2020

The new director of the Chinese central government's liaison office in Hong Kong has said that ending violence and chaos remains the most pressing task for Hong Kong.

He has appealed to the whole community to cherish Hong Kong and uphold the "one country, two systems" principle.
The new director of the Chinese central government's liaison office in Hong Kong, Luo Huining, made the remarks on Wednesday at the annual Spring Festival reception held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.
Luo pointed out that Hong Kong has not completely come out from its predicament of prolonged social unrest, which has brought Hong Kong's economy into a recession and severely affected the residents' lives.
He then called on the whole community to cherish their home by making best use of "one country, two systems," upholding the core values of the rule of law and civilized society, and realizing the aspiration of prosperity and development.
"Despite our differences in political views, all should agree that recognizing the 'one country' and cherishing the 'two systems' will be key to securing Hong Kong people's livelihood as well as the region's future." 
Luo said the central government's important decisions on the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and encouraging Hong Kong to take part in the Belt and Road Initiative are aimed at helping Hong Kong break development bottlenecks, and providing Hong Kong people, especially the youth, with opportunities for development and room for growth.
The new director pledged that in the new year the liaison office will fulfill its duty with sincerity and affection, and work with all Hong Kong compatriots to build a brighter future of Hong Kong.