Chinese troliey buses improve Mexico city's e-mobility

Added On January 21, 2020

 As part of the efforts to make public transportation cleaner, Mexico City is putting more Chinese-made electric trolley buses  on the roads.

A fleet of 63 Chinese-made trolley buses began to circulate through the city streets in a massive government move towards electro-mobility.
The buses were made by Chinese company Yutong.
The new trolley buses have zero emissions and are more efficient than traditional trams, with a battery life of 75 kilometers when the cables are not in operation.
They also contain special areas for the disabled and elder, women and children, as well as more comfortable seats, with a total capacity of between 84 and 90 passengers. 
SOUNDBITE (SPANISH): REN WENHUI, Commercial Manager of Yutong Mexico:
"We have this strategic plan in Mexico, as the market in Mexico is very important because of its economy, its requirements and its population. We hope to sell around 1,000 buses per year over the next five-year period in Mexico."