Chinese companies resume business with caution amid epidemic

Added On February 13, 2020


This week is the first week for some Chinese companies to resume business after the Spring Festival.
Companies have rolled out precaution measures while resuming production to reduce the impact of the epidemic on economy.
Although most companies in Shanghai have resumed business, many employees are still quarantined at home due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.
Some companies said the production would return to normal after two weeks.
Shanghai Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd mainly produces integrated circuits used in automotive electronics.
About 40 percent of the company's employees failed to resume their posts because of the quarantine requirement amid the epidemic.
From the beginning of the Spring Festival to date, the remaining 60 percent staff have worked overtime to ensure production for timely delivery of orders.
In Tianjin, Limin Condiment Co., Ltd. has resumed work since Feb. 4.
At present, about 210 people are working in the factory, with the output dropping to 30 percent of the normal.
In face of the epidemic, various methods have been adopted for prevention and control, such as dispensing masks for employees, measuring body temperature three times a day, and disinfecting workshop with liquid, medical alcohol and ozone.
Moreover, employees returning from outside Tianjin will be quarantined for 14 days. At present, about 50 percent of the employees in the company have been kept in quarantine.
After the quarantine, employees without abnormal conditions may enter the factory to work, and the production capacity is expected to be soon restored to ensure market supply.