Irish general election - Fianna Fail wins most parliamentary seats

Added On February 13, 2020

Irish general election's results have been officially released, with Fianna Fail winning the largest number of parliamentary seats and replacing Fine Gael to be the largest party.
Official results released on Monday showed that  Fianna Fail won a total of 38 seats in the 160-seat Dail, the lower house of the Irish parliament, followed by Sinn Fein, Fine Gael, and Green Party.
The number of seats held by left-wing Sinn Fein witnessed a rapid rise, increasing by 15 from 22 seats in the last Dail.
Irish Prime Minister, Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar said the situation in which the top three parties are closely tied in the number of their seats will make the formation of the next government very difficult.
Analysts said that it could take weeks to see the new government formed.
Over 3.4 million people were eligible to vote and the actual turnout at Saturday's election was 62.9 percent.