UN chief confident in China's efforts to combat epidemic

Added On February 17, 2020

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Sunday expressed his confidence in China’s efforts in combating the novel coronavirus epidemic.

News Hour has the story.
During a joint press conference with Pakistani Foreign Minister, the UN chief hailed China's quick response to the novel coronavirus outbreak, and expressed his confidence in China's "gigantic effort" to reduce the disease.
ANTONIO GUTERRES, UN Secretary-General 
"In a situation as complex as this, it is always difficult to have a quick solution...,but I think that the efforts that is in place is a gigantic effort. And we are very confident that the efforts will allow for the progressive reduction of the disease."
Guterres also believes that the Chinese authorities are acting in line with the principles defined by the World Health Organization.
Guterres is on his first official visit to Pakistan since he took charge of the Secretary-General office.