Chinese companies resume operation with detailed anti-virus measures

Added On February 22, 2020

Many companies and factories are resuming operation in a safe and orderly manner despite the ongoing epidemic.

Our correspondent walks into an automobile factory in east China's Anhui province to see the situation of returning to work.
China is going through an epidemic outbreak. But still many companies and factories have decided to resume production across the country, as a way to fight the virus.
Put on a mask, wash hands regularly and reduce outings as much as possible. This message is broadcast many times a day in this village of east China’s Anhui province. Actually it is also a common scenario in many other parts of the country at the moment during epidemic outbreak.
To contain the spread of the coronavirus, Chinese people are being urged to stay home. But for Wu Huanyu, a 33-year-old man who works at an automobile factory, today is the first day of work after an extended Spring Festival break.  
At the village entrance, Wu has to have his body temperature taken and registered before he goes to work on his e-bike.
So today is the first day of work of this factory. Safety is always top priority. What measures have the factory taken to protect its employees? Let’s go have a look.
Wu has to take the body temperature again to make sure he doesn’t have a fever before entering the workshop.
The factory has disinfected all public spaces and extended lunch hours to avoid the gathering of people. Workers are also advised to wear a mask while working and keep more than one meter away from everyone else.
We have a strict check at the gate, and disinfect the workplace twice a day. We offer facial masks to our workers as well, and workers are required to keep at least one meter away from each other. Lunch is sent to them to avoid people gathering.
Many companies in China have gradually resumed operations this week after implementing detailed virus control and prevention measures. Some have rolled out flexible working hours and working-from-home options for their employees.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): MUHAMMAD SHAKEEL, Student, Hefei University of Technology
I read from news that many factories have resumed production gradually. People are going back to work. This is great news for Chinese people and Chinese economy. But all workers should be cautious about the virus. I just hope everything will go back to normal soon.
With more and more people returning to work, we are confident that there will be enough supplies of daily necessities and medical products in China."