Walnut-loaded train departs China's Xinjiang for Turkey

Added On February 22, 2020

A train loaded with walnuts has left Urumqi, the capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region for the Turkish port of Mersin.
It was the first China-Europe train to resume operations in Xinjiang after the Spring Festival. 
The walnuts weigh 1,020 tons and are collected from all over the region.
Local companies have already collected the walnuts before the Spring Festival. However,  the shipment is delayed due to the epidemic.
Demand is huge, and supplies are sufficient. To solve the shipment issues,  railway authorities contacted local companies and customs authorities along the route to ensure smooth transportation.
"We are trying to meet the needs of enterprises. To avoid people's gathering and contact, we have simplified some procedures. Take today's train for example, shippers and carriers do not need to go to the scene, and the customs clearance procedures are mostly handled online. The customs inspection measures have also been simplified."