US National Security Adviser cautions Taliban to comply violence reduction deal

Added On February 25, 2020

 US National Security Adviser has said the US would be unlikely to sign an agreement with the Taliban should the latter fail to comply with a reduction of violence deal.

US National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien made the remarks during an interview with CBS News on Sunday.
He said the U.S. is not going to reduce troops to a level below what is necessary to protect American interests and their partners in Afghanistan.
Earlier in the day, Trump told reporters before kicking off his trip to India that the Taliban "are tired of fighting," and both the United States and the Taliban seek to make a deal.
"We haven't made, we haven't decided. I want to see if this period of the week works out. We can do that very quickly. (Q: Would you put your name on?) Yea, assuming it works out over the next—less than a week, I would put my name on it. Time to come home, and they want to stop. You know, they've been fighting a long time. They're tough people, we are tough people, but after 19 years, that's a long time."
The so-called seven-day reduction in violence, which started on Saturday, could be a test for the Taliban leadership to prove its control over its fighters ahead of signing a peace deal with the United States.
Peace talks between the two sides began in 2018 but have been interrupted at least twice after Taliban attacks on U.S. military personnel in September and December last year.