Fighting Coronavirus with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Added On March 10, 2020

 Hello everyone, I’m now at a TCM hospital in east China’s Anhui Province. And this time, TCM has played an important role in the treatment of coronavirus-infected people. It’s even recognized by experts from WHO when they visited hospitals in Wuhan. Today, I’m gonna show you the process of making TCM.

Basically the process includes three steps and takes about two hours, preparing the herbs, decocting, and packaging. And the medicine comes out in the form of oral liquid.
According to statistics in February, TCM medicine and therapies have participated in the treatment of over 60,000 coronavirus patients, more than 85 percent of the total number. It’s already included in China’s national diagnosis and treatment plan for the disease.
For those who are prone to infection, especially medical staff, taking TCM can improve their immunity and have preventive effect. Secondly, for those patients with mild or moderate symptoms, TCM can improve their symptoms and reduce hospital stay. Also TCM is effective in preventing mild cases from turning into severe ones.
SOUNDBITE (Chinese):Brandon Nepaul, international student from Anhui Medical University, from Jamaica
In terms of mild or moderate symptoms, the traditional Chinese medicine seems to improve their symptoms in terms of fever, cough and gastrointestinal symptom.
Tatyana Payoute, international student from Anhui Medical University, from the U.S.
I definitely believe that TCM can improve these patients and possibly treat the disease.
So here is a bag of TCM medicine. It looks like coffee and tastes bitter. And these TCM medicine bags will be sent to different hospitals to treat the coronavirus-infected patients. There is a famous Chinese saying that goes like this: A good medicine tastes bitter. I hope that all the patients will recover soon with the help of TCM medicine. 
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