China guards against imported cases

Added On March 18, 2020

 China has imposed stricter screening and quarantine measures on travelers entering the country as coronavirus cases soared around the world.

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Across checkpoints, passengers are subject to temperature screening, health declaration and epidemiological investigations. Those with fever or other suspected symptoms will immediately be sent to designated hospitals.
International mega-cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are at the forefront of curbing imported COVID-19 cases.   
Beijing municipal government said starting on Monday, all travelers entering Beijing from overseas are required to be quarantined at designated sites for 14 days.
A 1,000-bed hospital used in 2003 to treat SARS patients in Beijing were re-launched Monday to mainly accommodate suspected COVID-19 patients coming from overseas and treat them once they test positive.
Only people with special circumstances that pass rigorous assessments can be granted self-quarantine at home.   
Both Beijing and Shanghai said those diagnosed with COVID-19 after returning from overseas have to pay their own treatment bills if they are not covered by either the country's medical insurance or commercial ones.  
Those who have difficulties may receive medical aid, and people who flout the border quarantine will also face serious legal consequences.
Chinese mainland on Monday reported 21 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, including one in Wuhan and 20 imported from overseas. So far, China had reported 143 imported cases.