Hubei sends out more migrant workers

Added On March 20, 2020

 Central China's Hubei Province, which has been hit hard by the novel coronavirus outbreak, is sending out more migrant workers via a high-speed railway train.

It is the first chartered high-speed railway train from Hubei to send migrant workers to their workplaces after the Spring Festival.
The 551 workers on the train will arrive in Guangzhou Thursday night, and "point-to-point" trips will be arranged to send them directly to the companies and factories they work for.
On Thursday, more than 1600 migrant workers boarded the trains for Guangdong, with the other high-speed railway train carrying over 1000 people heading for Shenzhen.
All the workers had been issued health codes, tested negative after nucleic acid testing and went through a 14-day quarantine before they boarded the trains.