COVID-19 Outbreak - Italy's lockdown to be extended

Added On March 20, 2020

 Now the latest developments on the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said Thursday that the nationwide lockdown will be extended beyond its initial April 3 deadline.
Government officials said further tightening of limits on movement could be on the cards.
Italian health officials reported on Thursday that a total of 41,035 people have tested positive in locked down Italy, with a total death toll of 3,405.
The country has been struck with the highest death toll since the global pandemic began.
Meanwhile, a total of 15,757 people with symptoms have been hospitalized,while a total of 4,440 Italians have recovered. 
Italy on Jan. 31 declared a six-month state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And a nationwide lockdown has been placed from March 10 to April 3 to stem the spread of the disease.