COVID-19 outbreak US confirmed cases top 50,000

Added On March 26, 2020

Now the latest on COVID-19 outbreak in the United States.

The number of COVID-19 cases topped 50,000 as of Tuesday. That's according to the statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

The data showed the U.S. has seen 50,206 infections with 606 deaths in total, as the states of New York, New Jersey and California topped the chart.

By invoking a wartime law, U.S. President Donald Trump now has the authority to direct companies to boost production of medical supplies such as respirators, gowns and ventilators, as well as control the distribution of those items.

The president, however, was reportedly faced with pushback from business leaders who opposed him executing the wartime power, citing concerns over loss of profit as a consequence.

By contrast, officials at the state level have been stressing the urgent need to focus on the public health crisis, rather than the economy.

Mayor of Washington, D.C. announced on Tuesday that the capital city will order all nonessential businesses to close so as to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

However, Trump said that he wanted the U.S. to be "opened up" by Easter, which falls on April 12 this year, despite warnings that doing so risks failing to contain the epidemic.