COVID-19 Pandemic--More new cases reported in Middle East

Added On March 30, 2020

 Now let's turn to the Middle East, where the combined number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise.

Iran is the worst-hit country in the Middle East.
By Saturday, Iran's total death toll rose to over 2,500 and the total number of infections climbed to more than 35,000.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the government has allocated nearly 24 billion dollars to support the economy amid the virus' outbreak.
Turkey has fastly become the second hardest-hit country in the region.
The total number of confirmed cases rose to over 7,400 by Saturday, with the death toll reaching more than 100.
In Israel, more than 580 people tested positive for the COVID-19 on Saturday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to over 3,600.
So far 12 patients have died from the disease.